It is believed that Building a Website is important for your Business but it is more vital to maintain your website and keep it updated with latest content. One of the most important factors in people re-visiting a website is for latest content which in turn helps in growing your business. At TechTela we have a team exclusively dedicated for maintenance of websites of our clients which results in quick resolution to your problems and keep your website up to date. As we work on your website to keep it up with latest technology and content, you can concentrate on your improving your business which you know the best.

In the world of technology and internet, we have realized that maintenance of website is costlier affair than building it. So, we provide best in class and economic website maintenance services which help you save your valuable time and money. We have a flexible pricing options to fix or update your website depending on your priorities and budget.

Maintenance of Website includes below mentioned points:

Updates and Addition of Content: This includes adding latest and fresh pages, images, content, section which improves ranking of your website and traffic on it. Adding contact forms to increase the number of inquiries generated from your website. Also introducing customer surveys, polls and questionnaires to collect information from your customers and improve the service you provide. All these factors play an important role in generating business and keeping your website up with latest trends.

Back up of information: To avoid any emergency occurrences and situation, we, as a dedicated website maintenance Company keep regular backup of Files and Data. It is very significant in terms of maintaining Continuity of Business.

Fixing Website Issues and Errors: We provide with web support service which helps you fix your website quickly and economically.

Some other Services we can provide are:

  • Bugs and error fixing
  • Spell checking and rewriting
  • Repairing broken links and replacing low quality images
  • Providing smooth navigation which is key to maintaining user interest and increasing bounce rate.

Our highly skilled team is eager to add many more services to our credit. Thus, feel free to contact us if you do not find the service you are seeking in the above mentioned list.